Rarely in life is there anything better than enjoying a good conversation while sipping on your favorite malted beverage. This is the backbone of Three Beers at Rays. The Cryptovania crew kicks back with a few beverages as they talk with some of their friends in the Cryptid world, in a video-podcast format. The conversation is always light-hearted and often insightful. Topics of discussion range from recent happenings to upcoming expeditions. Recently Greg "Squatchman" Yost captured an amazing picture that shook up the world. Three Beers at Rays was the first place he shared this story for the rest of the world to hear. So pop a top and sip along with us as you hear great stories and share some quality time with your newest friends.
ROBYN MOONSHADOW Robyn Moonshadow is one of the foremost experts on the subjects of Proto-Pygmies and Little People, such as Gnomes, Puckwudgies, Duende and more. Enjoy your beverage of choice while you learn about research involving subjects smaller than sasquatch. JASON COLLEY Jason Colley is the founder of the East Bradford PA Bigfoot Research Organization. His research areas include the Allegheny National Forest and the southern tier of New York. Come see exactly why Jason Colley is the Cat in the Hat of Bigfoot. AMY BUE Amy Bue is an Ohio BFRO researcher. Amy often travels to Southern Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Kentucky to interview witnesses and conduct research. Amy is quickly becoming a leader in the field as she is a speaker and more and more events.
SHANE SIROIS Shane Sirois has been researching the paranormal, UFO/Alien and Cryptids for over 30 years. He is often the guest of some of the biggest shows and podcasts the internet has to offer. In addition to that, he is also a seasoned lecturer who presents at dozens of events year after year. GREG "SQUATCHMAN" YOST Greg Yost is not new to Cryptovania TV, having been an in-studio guest of Cryptovania The Series. Greg comes back to us to give the first-hand story behind his amazing Dogman capture in January 2019. This is the first place that Greg shares this amazing story, so you definitely don't want to miss it. GINGER LOCKWOOD Ginger Lockwood hails from Georgia. As the number of female Bigfoot researchers continues to explode, Ginger is definitely a leader among her peers. Ginger is undoubtedly one of the world's experts on tree structures. Come listen as Ginger presents her theories and the evidence to support those theories.

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