CRYPTOVANIA THE SERIES Cryptovania "The Series" is a television series produced by Cryptovania TV, TRT Studios and Continuum Creative Media. A show like no other, The Series invites Cryptid researchers in from across the country to share tales of their experiences, witness first hand evidence they have gathered and educate ourselves on their research techniques and practices. Each guest on Cryptovania "The Series" is extremely different in the methods they use and certain beliefs they have about Cryptids, but they are out there doing the research and producing results. With each episode you will learn something new while being entertained by the amazing stories told. When you watch Cryptovania "The Series" you will feel like you are sitting around a campfire with some of your favorite researchers.
EPISODE ONE: STRANGE KINZUA WITH DENNY VIGLO Denny Viglo is the founder of Strange Kinzua. His research takes place in the Kinzua area which rests directly in the center of the Allegheny National Forest. Over the years, Denny has witnessed Bigfoot activity, collected Bigfoot scat, witnessed and filmed Kinzua Nessy and experienced situations where hours worth of time became unaccounted for. Denny sets the bar extremely high in the very first episode of Cryptovania "The Series."
EPISODE TWO: GREG "SQUATCHMAN" YOST PART 1 Greg "Squatchman" Yost is easily one of the most recognizable faces in the Bigfoot community. Greg broke onto the scene with his famous "Curious George" picture and since then has been viewed as an Sasquatch expert. In this episode, the Cryptovania crew joins the Squatchman in the field, as Greg explains what he looks for and his beliefs on why the "Forest People" do what they do.
EPISODE THREE: GREG "SQUATCHMAN" YOST PART 2 After spending time in the field with the Squatchman, the crew and the Squatchman sit down in the studio to dive deeper into the Squatchman's beliefs. Hear the story of Curious George first-hand. Listen as Greg tells about being visited by Squatch at his hotel, less than three miles from the Cryptovania studio. Learn what it means to be "chosen" by the Forest People. Greg Yost is easily one of the most entertaining people in the Cryptid community.
EPISODE FOUR: DIRTY SOUTH SQUATCHIN Bob Trent and Dwight Campbell of Dirty South Squatchin make the journey all the way from North Carolina to the woods of Cryptovania. Dirty South Squatchin is a group of researchers from the south, who combine science, technology and passion into their quest of discovering the unknown. See how this group uses night vision equipment, infrared video and homemade audio recording devices to step up their research. Filled with technology, captivating stories and time spent in the field, this is an episode you don't want to miss.
EPISODE FIVE: GEORGE WORKMAN George Workman is quickly becoming recognized as a leader in the Bigfoot community. George is the founder of The Bigfoot / Dogman Research Library, which is a plethora of information. George is extremely dedicated having risked life and limb in his pursuit of knowledge. George lives life daily battling Lyme's Disease, but this doesn't keep him from the field. Enjoy the conversation as George discusses his many findings from trips all over the United States, goes into detail about the research map he has created, and shares his story on living with Lyme's Disease.
EPISODE SIX: JOHN LACKEY John Lackey is the definition of a researcher. From the densely wooded area of north central Pennsylvania, John Lackey conducts research daily. He has thousands of hours of audio and video documentation to support his theories. In this interview John goes into detail on why he believes that Sasquatch is an unidentified ape living in North America. He shares stories of gifting with these creatures and how he is inspired daily by world-renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall. An excellent communicator, John Lackey is definitely somebody you want to listen to.

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