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Cryptovania's "Three Beers at Rays" is a visual podcast, broadcast from TRT Studios' bar "Ray's Hotspot".


Tommy Cooper and Jason Trost sit down and enjoy a beverage of malts and hops while discussing the happenings of the Cryptid World with various guests.


Three Beers at Rays is the perfect opportunity to learn of recent activity while enjoying a cold brew of your own.





Cryptovania "The Series" is the flagship program of Cryptovania TV. Come along with us as we invite Cryptid Researchers from around the world to be our guests.


Stories are told, research techniques are shared and some of the most well-known Cryptid content is discussed.


Past guests include Greg "Squatchman" Yost, Bob Trent and Dwight Campbell of Dirty South Squatchin and George Workman from Bigfoot and Dogman Research Library.



Five Pounds of Sugar explores the lives of those who choose not to live life working a normal 9-5.


Guests include entrepreneur's, foragers, brewers, film-makers and even critically acclaimed Hollywood

Horror actors.


In 2018 the inaugural guest of Five Pounds of Sugar was actor R.A. Mihailoff. R.A. is best known for his role as Leatherface in "Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III." He has appeared in dozens of movies and shorts and also hunts ghosts with the group "Hollywood Ghost Hunters."


Enjoy the stories from people who enjoy living life outside of the box.







Brady Baxter is the face of young Sasquatch researchers. Barely twenty years old, Brady has a unique way of informing his viewers.


Brady not only researches, but he offers insightful reviews of movies, books and other forms of media recently released.


Sit back and enjoy as you take a ride with the ever-enthusiastic Brady Baxter.




In 2012 Wes Germer had a face to face encounter with Sasquatch in Washington State. This sparked the beginning of something huge.


Wes Germer is now the king of Sasquatch podcasts. With over 500 episodes under his belt, he now has a following of thousands of weekly listeners.


Listen as Wes speaks with leading scientists and researchers, but also listens to the stories of those who have also had eye-witness encounters.


Cryptovania TV is the only streaming platform with permission to re-broadcast episodes of Sasquatch Chronicles.






Dirty South Squatchin is a group of researchers from the mountains of North Carolina.


Come along as they explore the Uwharrie National Forest for North America's greatest mystery.


Their style of old-school meets technologically-advanced uncovers some phenominal evidence.


If you enjoy good ole boys having a good ole time, you will love Dirty South Squatchin.


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